Why do we need Dudar?

Every Student has a different learning Pace, so Doubt resolution or learning a concept needs personalised solution.

Hesitation is the enemy of learning new things. If you can't ask, you can't learn. Learn on a live one-to-one video session, anytime,anywhere. Dudar respects even your silliest Doubt, thus making you comfortable while learning.


Make Dudar your Learning Companion

Connecting to a tutor when you need the most, is a magic moment.
Dudar is creating those magic moments for you

Homework Help

Be ahead of your friends. Take help from Dudar to seamlessly finish your homework while learning new things.

Test Preparation

You have your upcoming test or exam, you are unable to recall concepts. Don't worry you can trust on Dudar

Private Tuition

Learn concepts one on one. Dudar provides you the most structured private tuition.

Missed Classes

Did you miss your class? Dudar understands and help you to cover up the back logs.


You have learnt the concepts and now you need someone to get your concepts revised. Try Dudar !

Grade improvement

Learn new concepts with Dudar. Practice more with your 24x7 Companion and improve your grades.

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East or West Dudar is Best.








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